- September 1, 2016: Vol. 8, Number 8

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A tribute to Blake Eagle: His role in the institutionalisation of the commercial real estate industry

by Geoffrey Dohrmann

I will be interviewing Blake Eagle at the upcoming NCREIF Fall Conference, which will be held in New Orleans 2–4 November. Those of you who joined the institutional real estate investment community anytime within the past 10 years might be scratching your heads and asking yourselves, “Who in the hell is Blake Eagle?”

The fact a community focused on institutional real estate investing even exists is due in large measure to the efforts of industry icons such as Blake, Meyer Melnikoff, Claude Ballard and George Peacock, among others.

Who is Blake Eagle? Currently he is still working to promote the interests of NCREIF — a US-based organisation he founded back in the earliest days of the institutional real estate investment business.

Blake started out as a developer, a home builder, working in the East Bay area of Northern California. Then, in the early 1970s, he was recruited by George Russell to join the growing team at the Frank Russell Co.

In those

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