Recovery Road: Moving forward after COVID-19 challenges in seniors housing: June 2022

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Like many parts of the U.S. economy, the seniors housing industry got walloped by the historic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall occupancy rates dropped 9.2 percent in primary markets, transaction volumes fell hard, and about 41,000 units were vacated or put back on the market. But seniors housing has proven to be remarkably resilient and is now clearly on the road to recovery. And unlike some other real estate sectors, the demographic and supply/demand outlooks indicate the industry is primed to produce solid results in the months and years ahead.


This report, published in conjunction with the American Seniors Housing Association, looks at how limited supply and rising rents are helping the sector’s recovery, how demographics are supporting a positive long-term outlook, how investors can take advantage of current opportunities, and how the industry has evolved through the pandemic.

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