Big picture: Seniors housing outlook remains positive despite COVID-19 challenges

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In the spring of 2020, the spreading COVID-19 pandemic put owners and operators of seniors housing on high alert. Procedures, guidelines and personal protection equipment (PPE) were put in place, and facilities were able to better safeguard their environments to help protect residents and staff from contracting and spreading the virus. Although COVID-19 has produced these operational changes in the industry, it will not alter the course of demographic convergence. In the near future, the demand for space in seniors housing developments will only increase, not diminish.


This report, published in conjunction with the American Seniors Housing Association, will look at the increasing need for seniors housing, as well as seniors housing from the standpoint of construction, transactions, cap rates, REITs and private equity, occupancy and rents, the labor force, and the new normal in the seniors housing sector.

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