An agenda for innovation in infrastructure: November 2021

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An agenda for innovation in infrastructure: How government and institutional investors can lead an infrastructure renaissance is a special report published by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. and i3, in cooperation with the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, Bernhard Capital Partners and Ridgewood Infrastucture. This free, 44-page report focuses on how institutional investors, investment managers and government officials can work together to cost-effectively deliver infrastructure services to communities in the United States.


For years we've been inundated with infrastructure plans. Trump plans, Congressional plans, private sector plans, think tank plans and numerous other opinions on how to improve infrastructure. In this report is more than two years of planning, research, debates and discussions to present a starting point to solve the U.S. infrastructure problem. This report is not a quick fix for municipalities or states, but instead it aims to simplify extensive research and provide varying perspectives for public officials and private investors to begin constructive dialogue about how innovative finance and private capital can help deliver infrastructure to cities and states.

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