MARCH 23, 2021

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Using data to plan post-pandemic office refurbishment

by Denise DeChaine

The portfolio at Noé Group/Capreon stretches across the United Kingdom and continental Europe, and they have found during COVID-19 one of the main benefits of having a portfolio of small buildings is the ability to track foot traffic, i.e. who is coming and going from buildings, as well as the air circulation and the amount of air in the space, i.e. tracking the levels of carbon dioxide.

“Mostly we find it very useful to analyze the space for the future,” said Zvi Noé, partner at Capreon, in a video for Institutional Real Estate, Inc. “It really helps us understand and inform our decision making on how a building is actually used in the most beneficial way and efficient way to do so.”

Steve Doogan, asset manager at Capreon, explained further using a building the organization has at 5 Wigmore Street in London, as an example.

“This building was incredibly dated and hadn’t really been touched in 30 years,” says Doogan. “So we undertook a substanti

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