NOVEMBER 1, 2022

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SPONSORED: SC Capital Partners, SC Zeus Data Centers team up to invest in data centers in Asia

by Jennifer Babcock

As the data center markets in Asia mature, they present an opportunity to institutional investors to capitalize on their growth, as they follow the likely pattern of the more developed U.S. market. In an interview published in the November issue of Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific, Suchad Chiaranussati, chairman and founder of SC Capital Partners, and Joe Gooi, CEO of SC Zeus Data Centers, discuss their joint goals for developing data centers in Japan, South Korea and, perhaps eventually, Southeast Asia, Australia and China.

“In developed markets, we expect a development in a decent location with connectivity and good design to generate returns somewhere between 15 percent and 20 percent, using moderate leverage. For the more nascent markets in Asia, we would expect 150 basis points to 300 basis points more,” says Chiaranussati.

“In terms of market maturity, from a data centre perspective, the United States is ahead of the pack co

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