SPONSORED: DWS – Whole-life carbon is key to reaching net zero
FEBRUARY 1, 2024

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SPONSORED: DWS – Whole-life carbon is key to reaching net zero

by Jennifer Babcock

As reducing carbon emission grows ever more significant in real estate investment strategy and asset management, embodied carbon or whole-life carbon, has emerged as an important element in measuring carbon impact. A report by Siena Golan, real estate research analyst with DWS, which was published in the February issue of Institutional Real Estate Europe, examines why whole-life carbon is important and what a whole-life carbon approach means for real estate asset management and for investors. “Now that stricter building codes, greater energy efficiency in design briefs, and a shift towards renewable energy production both on- and off-site are reducing operational carbon, the propor­tional contribution of embodied carbon is growing. Increasingly, investors and developers are likely to be held accountable for carbon emissions on a whole-lifecycle basis,” says Golan. To access a pdf of the Sponsored Section, 

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