People - JANUARY 14, 2013

Paul Dolinoy retires from Hunt Investment Management

by Sara Kassabian

Paul Dolinoy has retired as executive vice president and managing director of Hunt Investment Management. He joined the firm 10 years ago when it was GMAC Institutional Advisors. The company underwent a series of ownership changes, becoming Capmark Investments and eventually being bought by Hunt Cos. in 2010.

Dolinoy started his real estate career at Equitable Real Estate in 1969. He worked at the company for 33 years before joining his colleagues at GMAC Institutional advisors in 2002. While at GMAC, Dolinoy and his colleagues built the investment advisory business from the ground up, eventually having 37 institutional clients with $5 billion in assets under management.

He will continue to be active in the commercial real estate industry.

“I’m young at heart, and I’ve got a lot of experience and knowledge,” says Dolinoy. “I want to stay active and help any organization in any way I can; and continue to work for New York State Teachers’ Retirement System [NYSTRS] and Hunt.”

Dolinoy serves on the NYSTRS real estate advisory committee, and he will continue as a board member of Hunt Investment Management following his retirement.

In his spare time, Dolinoy collects vintage 1940s jukeboxes and swims recreationally. He participates in sport fishing in Hawaii, where he and his partner have 31 world records. With his new retirement plans, Dolinoy will be taking more fishing trips with his four grandsons.

“Between the family, fishing, boating, jukeboxes, I have enough to keep me occupied — from that standpoint,” says Dolinoy.

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