MLG Capital sells last asset in first diversified private fund
Transactions - SEPTEMBER 25, 2023

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MLG Capital sells last asset in first diversified private fund

by Released

MLG Capital has sold the last asset in MLG Private Fund (Fund I), the first diversified fund in MLG’s series of real estate funds, established in 2012. Final distributions to investors, and formal closing, will occur in the coming quarters.

Fund I raised more than $27 million in investor equity. Throughout its lifetime, it acquired and sold 13 properties and seven land investments, totaling more than 3,000 multifamily units and nearly 585,000 in commercial square footage. Acquisitions were primarily located in Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Minnesota and Colorado.

The closing of this transaction brought excellent returns for investors in Fund I and II.

Fund I marked a significant strategic business shift more than a decade ago for MLG Capital, with the firm’s transition from focusing on individual deals to offering investors the opportunity to participate in a diverse portfolio of assets. The purpose of this structure was to enhance diversification and reduce in

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