APRIL 1, 2020

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Key considerations to make in an ever-evolving market

by Denise DeChaine

“The length and complexity of fundraises has only increased, and as a result it has created a significant drain on internal time and resources,” said Heather Border, managing partner at Alliance Global Advisors, in a video interview with Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Through the firm’s work with investment managers, Alliance Global Advisors was able to come up with five key recommendations to encourage a more productive fundraise.

“While individually these seems simple, when you are able to incorporate these collectively throughout your platform, they can be very effective,” said Border.

One of these recommendations, Border said, is to do the due diligence for the investors and consultants and to be one step ahead of their investor request. Also, understand your competitors, produce white papers, and provide very comprehensive data and very conclusive track records. It is important to keep a well-staffed support team, so investment managers are able

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