Hybrid hospitality continues to rise across Europe
OCTOBER 21, 2021

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Hybrid hospitality continues to rise across Europe

by Marek Handzel

Hybrid hospitality — a mixed-use property concept that blends co-living, co-working and traditional hotel spaces — continues to rise across Europe.

Matthew Pohlman, a partner in the real estate industry group at global law firm Goodwin, says that the concept is gaining strength thanks to a new generation of companies that are disrupting historical real estate operating norms with data-driven, technology-led projects focused on diversifying revenue streams within a single real estate asset. These new companies are meeting a growing demand for new venues that mirror society’s blurring of professional and personal lives — these spaces allow people to seamlessly transition from work to wellness to personal connection and back again or simply combine all of these aspects of life together, sometimes several times a day.

Mixed-use hospitality projects were common in a pre-COVID context, says Pohlman, but the pandemic has accelerated the trend, which has been boosted

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