JUNE 29, 2020

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The future of student housing

by Denise DeChaine

Online education took precedence to close out the 2020 school year, one of the precautions universities have taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Shortly after that, they shut down their residence halls and literally asked their students to go home and study from their place of residence at home as opposed to at the university,” says Fred Pierce, president and CEO, Pierce Education Properties. “Many have encountered some furloughs and otherwise, faculty, staff and administrators are largely also working remotely, telecommuting from home, and only skeleton crews are still left at America’s universities today.”

Looking forward to fall enrollments and the expectations regarding universities’ operations, Pierce seems optimistic, stating that university enrollments in America, at America’s tier-1 power-5 football conference universities will largely be level this year.

“In recent years, they have been growing and there are a couple of factors

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