Investors - AUGUST 2, 2022

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Florida SBA re-ups with three existing real estate managers

by Kali Persall

The State Board of Administration (SBA) of Florida has shared a number of new commitments that were made with four existing real estate managers.

According to a new managers report for the second quarter 2022, SBA Florida placed $102.5 million and $40 million each in core and noncore vehicles managed by Invesco Advisors, $82.8 million in a noncore joint venture managed by Core and Value Advisors (Stockbridge), $80.3 million in a core joint venture managed by Heitman Capital Management, and $22.2 million and $10.8 million in non-core joint ventures managed by L&B Realty Advisors.

Numerous consultants were involved in the investments, including Heitman, L&B Realty, Stockbridge, Invesco and Townsend.

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