Five essential points for a real estate investor pitch
Investors - JUNE 3, 2024

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Five essential points for a real estate investor pitch

by Eric Phillips, Upwind Real Estate

In the first quarter 2024, fundraising activity remains at a 12-year low, with mega-funds capturing the lion’s share of capital. To compete against these large institutions, smaller managers need to clearly articulate their points of differentiation. Based on investor feedback, there are five essential points to cover in an introductory 60-minute meeting. To manage time effectively, the team should rehearse and designate a meeting quarterback to facilitate quick introductions, confirm the agenda, ask qualifying questions and ensure the investor leaves on time. Most important, the meeting quarterback must keep investment leaders focused on the five essential points.

Investment overview: Summarize the facts (10 minutes) Asset class definition: Specify the asset classes and what the firm will not invest in (e.g., a value-added fund that won’t pursue development). Clearly defining what your firm does and does not invest in help
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