Fiera Capital launches Fiera Properties CORE Mortgage Fund
Fundraising - NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Fiera Capital launches Fiera Properties CORE Mortgage Fund

by Released

Fiera Capital Corp. has launched the Fiera Properties CORE Mortgage Fund and appointed Fiera Properties Debt Strategies Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fiera Properties Limited, to lead the mortgage strategy.

Fiera Capital will act as investment fund manager and portfolio manager of the fund. The open-ended fund will be available to accredited individual and institutional investors starting in December 2017, and will invest in mortgages secured by high quality commercial real estate across Canada. The fund seeks to provide income to investors while preserving capital over the long term.

Fiera Properties is a leading real estate investment management firm and an affiliate of Fiera Capital Corp.

“Real estate lending is a natural extension of Fiera Properties’ existing equity business,” said Peter Cuthbert, president of Fiera Properties. “There is growing demand in Canada for commercial mortgages as part of a diversified fixed income strategy, and the fund provides an opportunity for investors to access these otherwise privately traded investments.”

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