Faropoint closes flagship Urban Industrial Value Fund III with $915m
Fundraising - JUNE 28, 2024

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Faropoint closes flagship Urban Industrial Value Fund III with $915m

by Andrea Zander

Faropoint has held a final close for its Industrial Value Fund III with $915 million in commitments, exceeding its $750 million target.

The fund has secured investments from premier institutions across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, including public pension plans and insurance firms, underscoring Faropoint’s strong market reputation and track record.

The fundraise follows the prior successes of Faropoint’s Value Funds I and II, which pursued a similar strategy of aggregating institutionally inaccessible assets to achieve a premium through a portfolio sale.

To date, Fund III has acquired more than 80 urban industrial warehouses across 12 U.S. markets and aims to acquire more than 200 warehouses throughout its deployment period. With transactions averaging under $10 million, the fund is diversifying its assets across different markets, sectors, tenants, vintages, and build types to optimize portfolio composition.

“Exceeding our fundraisin

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