JULY 27, 2020

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Energy efficiency as a service market to grow steadily in coming years

by Kali Persall

Increasing awareness of environmental impact and sustainability is propelling the growth of development models that utilize renewable energy.

One example is the energy efficiency as a service market, which Bob Hinkle, president and CEO of Metrus Energy, calls “a comprehensive set of technical and financial solutions whereby customers can implement a wide range of energy efficiency improvements at their facilities.”

In a video interview with IREI, Hinkle said under this structure a third-party service provider develops the project, funds 100 percent of the upfront cost, and then pays for realized savings once the project is fully constructed and operational. Such projects involve a wide range of energy efficiency improvements relating to the retrofit of a building, such as new lighting systems, building controls and energy management systems.

This structure benefits from the renewable energy market by utilizing power-purchase agreements that involve a third p

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