APRIL 13, 2020

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A discussion on property investing in China now and in the future

by Jennifer Molloy

Investors are no strangers to challenging investment times, and the current focus of authorities on containing the recent coronavirus outbreak only creates greater uncertainty that will further test investors. In February, Institutional Real Estate Asia Pacific senior editor Dr Jennifer Molloy spoke with two experts on China, and their responses are collected below. The Q&A includes Roberto Varandas, managing director, COS Capital, and Mei Wang, managing director, real estate fund, CDH Investments.

What indicators should institutional investors watch to best understand China’s economy and property markets?

Wang: In general, we look at normal indicators that everyone tracks, including GDP growth, M1/M2, PMI, interest rates, consumption, debt data, construction, housing sales, property prices of major cities, land supply, land auction prices and so on. Obviously, as with a

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