Investors - SEPTEMBER 1, 2020

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Denmark’s ATP reports strong second quarter

by Kali Persall

ATP, Denmark’s largest pension fund, has reported a strong second quarter, catching up with a large share of the investment return loss from the first quarter. The pension fund has achieved investment returns of DKK 17 billion ($3 billion).

ATP said the investment portfolio had been in the black, with a total negative investment return of DKK 11.6 billion ($1.8 billion) in the first half of the year before tax and expenses.

“H1 has been characterized by intense financial unrest,” said Bo Foged, managing director of ATP. “Note that ATP’s guarantees have been intact throughout the period, so the  members are ensured the basic financial security that we are here to contribute to.”

Foged added: “Even if the half year ends in red figures, I cannot help having an eye to the development over the summer when the investment portfolio is in the black for 2020.”

Since 2010, ATP has generated a return on the bonus potential of DKK 153 billion ($24 bi

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