FEBRUARY 23, 2021

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Data centers: Diversification strategies for private wealth advisers

by Denise DeChaine

Last year was a really good year in the data center sector overall, even during the pandemic.

“Our whole lives and economy [are] based on the internet now, with telecommuting, learning from home, working from home, ecommerce and shopping,” said Bryan Marsh, CEO at Strategic Data Center Fund Manager. “We have the internet of things, where we have all kinds of devices tied into the internet, and so all of this running through data centers have really made them crucial to our business.”

Marsh continued to explain that the team at Strategic Data Center Fund Managers saw record absorption of data center space in 2019 and the first half of 2020, as companies rely on data centers even more. He added that increased demand in the market which is very good from a fundamental real estate standpoint.

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