Dash Living Japan acquires seed asset in JV with Schroders
Transactions - NOVEMBER 7, 2023

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Dash Living Japan acquires seed asset in JV with Schroders

by Andrea Zander

Dash Living, an Asia Pacific provider of rental housing, and Schroders have jointly completed the acquisition of a strategic seed asset located in Ryogoku to further expand their portfolio in the Japan property market, which has been enjoying a surge in institutional capital inflow of late and increasing investments by major real estate investors.

Palms Ryogoku is a modern 49-key multifamily residential asset in the heart of Tokyo’s historic center of sumo wrestling. The riverside town of Ryogoku in Sumida ward hosts the sport’s most famous tournaments and is home to numerous sumo training stables. The ward also features the world famous Sensoji Temple, Tokyo SkyTree and various world-class restaurants, traditional craft workshops and cultural museums. It is conveniently located within walking distance from Tokyo’s train network, providing easy access to major commercial districts and international airports.

The new acquisition is the first seed asset of the join

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