People - MARCH 21, 2013

Clinton Stevenson retires from Ford Foundation

by Sara Kassabian

Clinton Stevenson has retired as director at the Ford Foundation in New York City. Stevenson joined the foundation in 1984 as the manager of investment administration, and he has served as the director of investment administration since 1986. Prior to joining the Ford Foundation, he worked as an investment manager at Penn Central Corp. and a financial analyst at Exxon Corp.

His position will remain vacant. Chris Barber, investment manager, will step in and focus on the venture capital portfolio, while Sherif Nahas, the director of private equity, will manage all illiquid investments at the Foundation.

While at the Ford Foundation, Stevenson managed the foundation’s $10 billion in assets, including small-cap stocks in the United States and emerging markets. In 2009, he revitalized the foundation’s investment in private real estate, an asset class that had been absent since the early 1980s.

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