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Brill Holdings buys Manhattan office for $285m

by Andrea Waitrovich

Brill Holdings — a joint venture of B+B Investment, Conway, Israel-based fashion chain Fox Wiezel and Schottenstein Realty — is under contract to purchase the Brill Building, an office building located at 1619 Broadway in Manhattan. The sales price is approximately $295 million, and the deal is expected to close by the end of the year.

The sellers are Allied Properties and Brickman Properties, which acquired the 182,688 square-foot office asset in 2013 for $185.5 million. The firms did extensive renovations to its 11 stories, modernizing the infrastructure to reflect the 21st century. The first four floors are dedicated to retail.

The Brill Building is a landmark historic building located at the corner of Broadway and West 49th Street. It has been home to a multitude of iconic songwriters and artists throughout the years, including superstars Neil Diamond and Paul Simon, as well as a diverse cast of creative artists from the world of entertainment,

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