Investors - OCTOBER 17, 2018

Arrow Capital Partners expands to Europe

by Released

Martyn McCarthy and Christian Bearman have teamed up to spearhead Arrow Capital Partners’ expansion into Europe.

With the backing of AMB Capital, one of Australia’s largest family offices, the investor and operator of real estate has already chalked up more than $500 million of deals with two U.S. private equity companies in the Asia-Pacific region since launch.

Arrow Capital Partners was set up in 2015 by Martyn McCarthy, managing partner, and an experienced team of partners that includes Kurt Wilkinson, formerly president and COO of Brookfield, and Chris Koo, who was previously head of risk management at GE Capital Real Estate.

Bearman will lead a network of five offices in Europe and a team of 12 experienced operators that includes Katherine Parker, former senior fund manager at Tesco Pension Investments.

Arrow is an investor and operator that targets equity and debt opportunities across multiple real estate cycles globally. A specialist in cross-border transactions with a network of six offices globally, it is able to work with investors in their home markets and where their investments, alongside Arrow, are located. This includes U.S. and Asia Pacific investors looking to invest into Europe as well as European and U.S. investors into the Asia-Pacific region.

“As a private partnership, Arrow has the freedom to adopt a dynamic and entrepreneurial approach with its partners investing their capital alongside investors, sharing in the upside and ensuring alignment of interest,” said Martyn McCarthy, Managing Partner at Arrow Capital Partners. “It’s not a business that is tied to investing to maintain assets under management and generating fees to cover infrastructure costs – it will make the right investment at the right time in the right market.”

Christian Bearman, European Partner at Arrow Capital Partners, added, “If you take the European real estate market, we believe it is still pretty stable with significant potential for further growth, especially when compared to other more mature markets.

“Even the United Kingdom, whether we have a hard or soft Brexit, could present some good investment opportunities, providing we choose the correct entry point.”


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