ABP is aiming to have $33b of impact investments in place by 2030
Investors - MARCH 5, 2024

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ABP is aiming to have $33b of impact investments in place by 2030

by Lewis Dayton

ABP, the Dutch pension fund, is aiming to achieve €30 billion ($32.55 billion) of investments by 2030 that yield both financial and societal impacts, with an emphasis on areas like climate and biodiversity solutions.

The fund plans to allocate €10 billion ($10.85 billion) of these impact investments within the Netherlands, focusing on affordable housing, sustainable energy and innovation.

ABP has also announced that it is reevaluating its selection of companies for investment as it seeks to ensure that the companies it invests in are well positioned to provide participants a secure pension.

The new policy comes as ABP says it is identifying climate and biodiversity as the key themes influencing societal and economic changes. Additionally, respecting human rights and good governance are crucial themes for the fund.

“Innovation is a timeless imperative for companies in a dynamic economy,” said Harmen van Wijnen, chair of the board of trustees, ABP.

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