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Tune in regularly to hear industry executives and thought leaders share their market perspectives and insights. In addition, keep abreast of industry trends and issues by listening to The Dohrmann Report, a monthly podcast with IREI president and CEO Geoffrey Dohrmann.

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The hottest U.S. apartment market of them all

Multifamily has been hot for years, and some markets hotter than others. But what is the hottest apartment market of them all? Shakti C’Ganti, founder and CEO of Ashland Greene Capital and former investment banker at Lehman Bros., says there is one market that has risen above all other, based on five key drivers. He joins the program to identify that market and explain the measurements used to assess its supremacy. (02/2023)

Bluerock CEO offers perspectives and forecasts for real estate 2023

Ramin Kamfar, founder and CEO of Bluerock, joins the program to discuss a host of topics, such as: The main headwind facing real estate investors, as well as the prime tailwind. The most likely property-type-of-the year. What might be the sleeper property type for 2023. The future of office. The U.S. housing crisis. It’s all here — those topics and more. (02/2023)

Bringing smart-home technologies to single-family and multifamily homes

John Galante — president of AE Ventures, producers of the TecHome Builder Summits and Housing Transformation Summits — is our guest during this episode to discuss the host of current and emerging construction and home-based technologies that promise to revolutionize the housing business in its many forms. Looking further ahead, Galante shares his “big seven tech-home experiences and applications.” (01/2023)

Three real estate veterans form new venture to capitalize on residential opportunities

Doug Faron, Steve Figari and Nick Zoumas — alumni of CIM Group, Slate Property Group and JNS Homes, respectively — have formed Shoreham Capital aiming to build, acquire, develop and manage residential real estate properties along the East Coast and Sun Belt. Specifically, the new partners are focusing on value-add opportunities, ground-up rental development, adaptive reuse, and residential alternatives such as build-to-rent single-family homes. They tell their story during this episode. (12/2022)

Getting real estate deals done at PropTech360 summit in Tel Aviv

Daniel Farber, CEO of the real estate investment firm HLC Equity, is also the producer of the PropTech360 conference, whose latest iteration will take place in June 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He joins the program to discuss the conference and the continuing evolution of the booming proptech space. (12/2022)

Tackling affordable, mico-unit and disaster housing

Herb Rogove and Wayne Norbeck, executives at the manufactured housing startup Liv-Connected, join the program to discuss the future of customizable modular housing and its role in alleviating the affordable housing crisis, as well as its potential for serving as temporary — or even permanent — form of housing in post-natural-disaster environments. (11/2022)

NIMBYism flares in apartment sector, trimming units and raising costs

Kristi Nootens, vice president of investment management at CP Capital, a real estate investment manager specializing in multifamily, reports anti-apartment NIMBYism in high-growth U.S. markets is posing a significant construction barrier for investors and developers, and making it difficult to get projects off the ground. She explains the challenge. (10/2022)  

The pending return to office and how investors should play it

Julie Whelan, our guest, leads a global team of researchers at CBRE tasked with identifying major trends impacting commercial real estate occupiers — including the much-debated post-COVID return to office. She comments on the recently completed survey her organization conducted on the subject. Is office a buy, sell or hold? We discuss. (09/2022)

The multi-generational workplace and how to hire, manage and retain the professionals you need

Katherine Jeffery of KJ Consulting is a generational strategist who specializes in developing business strategies that help organizations navigate the complexities of having five generations working side-by-side in the modern workplace. She joins to program to explain each generation’s sensibilities and what employers need to focus on when hiring and integrating the broad mix of attitudes and work styles. (09/2022)

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