Membership FAQs

How do I participate?

IREOC is a paid membership organization. You can view our membership fees at www.ireocbecomeamember. As a member, you will be helping us define workflow best practices in capital raising and operational guidelines for REOC partnership investments that enable real estate operating companies, institutional investors and investment managers to maximize their performance. iREOC is a new organization formed in 2017 making you and your firm pioneers alongside our other iREOC members.

What is the purpose of iREOC?

IREOC’s main focus is to create new and better data standards, report schedules, organization types, best-practices and workflow. It helps make operators and capital partners work more effectively and efficiently. Members participate in this process and have a say in why certain practices make better sense than others. iREOC was started at the suggestion of several leading institutional capital sources who wanted to form and run more profitable and productive REOC partnership investments.

Why should I be a member?

Through its market intelligence service and annual membership meeting, iREOC possesses unmatched capabilities to bring together leading professionals from across the institutional real estate investment community to participate in candid discussions, explore new territory and hear relevant new content. Because the annual membership meeting is a “members-only” event, attendance will also be kept at a size that provides you with unbeatable networking opportunities. The organization upholds a strict 2:1 ratio policy of only two real estate operating companies to every one investor capital provider.

How can the money and time I spend on an iREOC membership help me with my fundraising efforts?

A membership with iREOC provides true value by providing you with quality connections that your membership gives you multiple ways to communicate with, including our annual membership meeting or our exclusive Yammer Network. Having these types of relationships at your fingertips can help strengthen your fundraising efforts and our current members have reported that their membership has paid for itself many times over. In addition, the program has saved them time by making it easier to get in front of the individuals they need to for their fundraising efforts. While the main purpose of iREOC is not for finding capital sources, that will be a natural by-product.

Can I speak at the iREOC annual membership event as a benefit of my membership?

No, iREOC is not a “pay-to-play” organization. If you are asked to speak, it is because you are know known to have specific topic expertise and the LP community wants to know more about. Our board of governors are regularly looking for fresh ideas and deeper market knowledge.

There is only one event each year. What other benefits are included that make the

In addition to our annual membership meeting, you will also receive an invitation to register for Visions, Insights & Perspectives (VIP) Americas early at a discounted rate. VIP Americas sells out every year and is our premier event. Your membership will ensure that you won’t be waitlisted if you take advantage of our early invitation. We are also in the process of developing our PartnerTracker database, which will build as more information is gathered from our members. This database is similar to IREI’s FundTracker database, but it is operator focused. Having your firm in this database will give you yet another way to connect with the REOC partner community. Lastly, you will receive our market intelligence package which includes 3 subscriptions to Institutional Real Estate Americas. Sold for $2695 each, your combined subscription value is $8,085. iREOC also provides a bi-annually report, called iREOC Connect. This report will keep you informed of all intra-member collaboration and conversation.

I am not familiar with IREI at all. Who is IREI?

Since 1987, Institutional Real Estate, Inc. (IREI) has been a force, providing institutional real estate and infrastructure investors as well as private wealth advisers with decision-making information and tools via its publications, conferences and research & consulting services. IREI publishes a diversified portfolio of news magazines, special reports and directories for the benefit of the global infrastructure and institutional real estate investment community and for private wealth advisers in the United States. Each publication provides subscribers with news, insights and perspectives on the trends and events shaping the industry and the investment landscape. IREI is also the operator of the Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies (iREOC). The firm's flagship publication, Institutional Real Estate Americas, has been the industry's go-to resource for 30 years. Go to to learn more about IREI.

Who is involved in the iREOC right now?

You can see our full list of members at and our list of board of Governors at
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