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Welcome to the Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies.

The Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies (iREOC) is a for-profit, exclusive membership organization designed to benefit the interests of Institutional Investors, their investment managers, and those Real Estate Operating Companies who seek to access and serve institutional capital via structures which are deemed most suitable to investor needs. iREOC is a division of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. and has been developed and is operated by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. For almost 30 years, Institutional Real Estate, Inc. (IREI) has been connecting people throughout the institutional real estate and infrastructure investment communities with each other, and with strategic information, data, insights and perspectives. IREI’s publications are recognized throughout the globe as the most reliable source of information on the institutionalization of real estate and infrastructure investing. Its FundTracker database has been serving this market since 1996, and its conference offerings, since 1991. IREI is led by its founder and CEO, Geoffrey Dohrmann, who also serves as the publisher and editor-in-chief of its family of global real estate and infrastructure publications.

What is the Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies (iREOC)?

The Institute of Real Estate Operating Companies (iREOC) helps address the challenges many real estate operating companies encounter when looking to engage with institutional investors and their managers. By participating in a program that fosters better transparency, clearly agreed upon standards for fiduciary conduct, stronger relationships and superb market intelligence, investors, investment managers and operating partners all benefit and their profitability increases. Real estate operating companies seeking institutional capital will have an edge over their competition by truly understanding the institutional marketplace and how to best position their firm within it. Investors and managers seeking real estate operating companies will benefit from the greater transparency, a collaborative culture and the knowledge that operator members have taken the time to understand and meet the needs of the institutional investor marketplace. It’s a win-win for all.

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