2021 Spring Editorial Advisory Board Meeting

April 6 - 9, 2021 | A Virtual Platform

The 2021 Spring Editorial Advisory Board Meeting - Institutional Real Estate Americas is an open forum meeting designed to create and foster stimulating dialogue. It is a place for the exchange of ideas and cultivation of feedback to improve the quality of Institutional Real Estate Americas. There will be no investment manager or consultant presentations and no speakers. Marketing is strictly prohibited. The content of these meetings is confidential and for the benefit of participating board members only.

By invitation only. Invitations are sent only to those who are eligible to attend.

To request an invitation, please contact Lucero Jaramillo at +1 925-244-0500, ext. 130 or

Investment Managers, Funds of Funds/Managers of Managers:
In order to be able to attend, these organizations need to be sponsors of Institutional Real Estate Americas (our monthly publication that is distributed to the members of the global institutional real estate community who have a current stake in real estate or are considering the asset class for future investments). Invitations are sent directly to the Editorial Advisory Board representative provided by the sponsoring organization.

To learn more about sponsoring Institutional Real Estate Americas, please visit our Sponsorship webpage or contact Chase McWhorter at +1 925-365-7164 or

Pension funds, endowments, foundations, family offices, multi-lateral banks, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, and consultants:
These organizations are invited based on the recommendations of the sponsoring firms of Institutional Real Estate Americas and/or at the discretion of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. based on the following criteria: funds that are currently involved or planning to become involved in real estate investing; employ third party managers as part of their investment strategy; are active in making changes or implementing a strategy in the coming year; are willing to commit to attend the editorial advisory board meeting.

  • Board/Speakers

The following is a list of our Editorial Advisory Board members for Institutional Real Estate Americas:

Evans Anderson
Clarion Partners LLC

John Baczewski
Real Estate Fiduciary Services, LLC

Susan Bailey
Crow Holdings Capital Partners, L.L.C.

Gina Baker Chambers
Artemis Real Estate Partners LLC

Maria Bascetta
UBS Realty Investors

Sam Bendix
National Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Adam Berkowitz
Prudential Insurance Company of America

Grant Berlin
Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.

Marcus Berry
TA Realty

Donald Bethe
The Resmark Companies

Faye Beverett
Bard Consulting, LLC

Melody Bickersteth
Texas Municipal Retirement System

Robert Bilse

Kevin Bishop
Manulife Investment Management

Heinz Blennemann
Blennemann Family Investments

Pamela Boneham
Barings Real Estate

Peter Braffman
GCM Grosvenor

Anthony Breault
Oregon State Treasury

Adam Breen
DRA Advisors LLC

Kathy Briscoe
Dermody Properties

Matt Brody
Tishman Speyer LLC

Michael Browning
School Employees Retirement System of Ohio

David Butler
Argosy Real Estate Partners

Drew Butler
i(x) investments

Clayton Camper
New Mexico State Investment Council

Mark Canavan
New Mexico Educational Retirement Board

Austin Carmichael
Oregon State Treasury

Laura Chapman
Tesco plc

Paul Chapman
New Mexico State Investment Council

Michael Chen
Madison International Realty

Clark Cheng
Merrimac Corp.

Gila Cohen

Brian Combs
BLG Capital Advisors

Peter Crosson
Alaska Electrical Pension Fund

Laler DeCosta
Invesco Real Estate

Julie Donegan
California State Teachers’ Retirement System

Dan Dubrowski
Lionstone Investments

Greg Eberhardt

Christopher Ebersole
Oregon State Treasury

Dean Egerter
Harrison Street

Randy Eggert
State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Michelle Fang
Principal Real Estate Investors

Barry Faulkner

Heather Fernstrom-Border
Alliance Global Advisors

Chuck Fiedler

Christy Fields
Meketa Investment Group Inc

Michael Fogliano
Florida State Board of Administration

Michael Frazzetta
TGM Associates LP

Christy Gahr
Meketa Investment Group Inc

Dhinesh Ganapathiappan
San Jose Retirement Systems

Keith Garrison
Texas Christian University

Adam Gibbons
Latash Investments, LLC

James Glen
PGIM Real Estate

Melissa Gliatta
Thor Equities, L.L.C.

Brett Graffy
Marquette Associates, Inc.

Lynne Gray
Florida State Board of Administration

Cabell Grayson
CBRE Global Investors

Neal Graziano
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Phil Greenberg
United States Steel and Carnegie Pension Fund

James Gruver

Matt Halstead
Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Margaret Harbaugh
Morgan Stanley

Jay Hart
CrossHarbor Capital Partners LLC

Jill Hatton
University of Wisconsin Foundation

Alison Hawkins
Artemis Real Estate Partners LLC

Patrick Heffernan
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Larissa Herczeg
Oak Street Real Estate Capital

Kevin Higgins
New Jersey Division of Investment

Colin Hill
CIGNA Realty Investors

Brad Howe
Broadshore Capital Partners, LLC

Brandon Huffman
Rubenstein Partners

Claiborne Johnston
Morgan Stanley

Lou Jug
USAA Real Estate

Sean Kelly
Alfred I. DuPont Testamentary Trust

Casey Kemper
K4 Real Estate Group

Patrick Kendall

Tom Klugherz
J.P. Morgan Asset Management – Global Real Assets

Andrew Knox
Stockbridge Core and Value Advisors

Paul Kolevsohn

Ryan Krauch
Mesa West Capital

KC Kriegel

Matt Lawson
Juniper Square

Mike Leifeste
Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Co.

Martin Levine
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Janet Londono-Valle
Office of the New York City Comptroller

Christopher Longee
University of Chicago Endowment

Nicholas Macrae
Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

Neil Madsen
Madsen Advisors, LLC

Troy March
North Carolina Department of the State Treasurer

Emily Margolis
AEW Capital Management, LP

Dennis Martin
PGIM Real Estate

Jonathan Matson
AXA Investment Managers – Real Assets

Kevin Maxwell
CenterSquare Investment Management

Robert Maynard
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho

John McClelland
Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association

Michael Mccord
Pinnacle Wealth Planning Services, Inc.

Judy McMahan
UPS Group Trust

R. Paul Mehlman
Landmark Partners

Hank Midgley
Rockpoint Group, LLC

Chris Miers

Samm Miller
Hillcrest Finance LLC

Brooks Monroe
Invesco Real Estate

Dennis Montz
Sentinel Trust Company

Jay Morgan
StepStone Group Real Estate

Jared Morris
Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Thomas Motherway
LBA Realty

Gwynne Murphy
Clarion Partners LLC

John Ockerbloom
Barings Real Estate

Denise Olsen
GEM Realty Capital, Inc.

Devon Olson
Utah Retirement System

Michael Patock
Rotary International

Ira Perlmuter
JSPI Capital Partners

Karen Perrone
Texas County & District Retirement System

Bradley Petersen
Jamestown, L.P.

Jonathan Pharris
CapRock Partners

Mitch Pleis
California State Teachers’ Retirement System

Anthony Potenza
LaSalle Investment Management

Matthew Purdy
Nationwide Insurance Co.

J.P. Rachmaninoff
Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System

A.J. Rao
Kingsley, A Grace Hill Company

Geoff Regnery
Harrison Street

Nick Rittenhouse
CBRE Global Investors

Matthew Ritter

Jonathan Ross
Migdal Insurance

Gregory Rozolsky
Wellesley College

Timothy Runnalls
Ascension Health

Christina Scarlato
The World Bank Pension Fund

Roy Schneiderman
Bard Consulting LLC

Robert Sessa
Employees Retirement System of Texas

Kurt Simko

Ashleigh Simpson
MetLife Investment Management

J.D. Sitton

Tyson Skillings
Rockwood Capital LLC

Eric Smith
L&B Realty Advisors

Alan Snoddy
The Church Pension Fund

Jill Solomon
Erie Insurance Group

Julie Solomon
Ares Management LLC

Sam Spencer
Oregon State Treasury

David Splithoff
Walton Street Capital, LLC

Stephen Spook
Florida State Board of Administration

Jennifer Stevens
Alliance Global Advisors

Jay Struzziery
AEW Capital Management, LP

Scott Stuckman
USAA Real Estate

Gillian Sutton Cho

Hamid Tabib
Siguler Guff & Co

Adam Tantleff
Madison Realty Capital

Liz Tennican
Carmel Partners, Inc.

Brian Tilton
Nuveen Real Estate

Kyle Turner
Equus Capital Partners, Ltd.

Richard van den Berg
M&G Real Estate

Bert van den Hoek

Roberto Varandas
Cos Capital Europe

Peter Viehe-Naess
Nippon Life Global Investors Americas, Inc.

Ben Walker
Utah Retirement System

Mark Wilsmann
MetLife Investment Management

Michael Winiarski

James Woidat
Kingsley, A Grace Hill Company

Allison Yager

David Zobel
Paramount Group, Inc.

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