Valuation: Assessing Risk and Opportunity

Join Randy Zisler, chief investment strategist and research director at Institute for Real Estate Operating Companies (iREOC), as he discusses how to better understand risk and valuation with Taylor Mammen, chief executive officer at RCLCO Fund Advisors, and Judy McMahan, portfolio manager, real estate, at UPS Pension Investments. (03/2021)

Presented by Juniper Square and iREOC.

Topics covered include:

  • What can risk analysis tell us?
  • Where do we encounter risk in valuation and pricing?
  • How should we incorporate risk in our valuation, pricing and performance measurement practices?
  • Why don't risk analytics play a bigger role in valuation and pricing analysis?
  • The information problem in a low transactions market.
  • The data problem—comparable sales and attributes.
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