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Griffin Capital raises $323m for opportunity zone fund

by Larry Gray | Jan 21, 2020

Griffin Capital, an alternative investment asset manager headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., has raised $323 million for its Griffin Capital Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund, according to a recent Form D filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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Companies sign PPA for California geothermal energy

by Released | Jan 21, 2020

Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) and Imperial Irrigation District (IID) have entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) that they say “indicates a promising new decade for baseload renewable energy in California and the United States.”
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As sustainability makes headway, metrics still pose a big question mark

by Kali Persall | Jan 20, 2020

Five years ago, sustainability was a novel feature in an investor’s portfolio. Now, growing concerns over the waning health of the climate and the way this will affect infrastructure are spurring more investors to push the envelope, thrusting sustainable infrastructure projects into the limelight.
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J.P. Morgan invests in Arcesium

by Released | Jan 17, 2020

J.P. Morgan has invested in Arcesium, an investment management technology and professional services firm.
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