Institutional Real Estate Europe

July 1, 2012: Vol. 6, Number 7

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A Conversation with Richard Barkham

Editor Richard Fleming spoke recently with Dr Richard Barkham, group research director at Grosvenor, about the reasoning behind his new book, how and why investors should consider real estate investment in the wider context, and the role of real estate in the investment world of the moment.


Coming of Age: Real Estate Markets in Central and Eastern Europe Have Entered a New, More Mature Stage, and Different Strategies Are Now Required

The real estate market in central and eastern Europe (CEE) has reached a new, more mature stage in its development. The low-hanging fruit of steadily falling yields and extreme shortages of space is mostly gone, especially in central Europe, which comprises the westernmost CEE countries. Nevertheless, we continue to see compelling opportunities to invest in the region at multiple points on the risk/return spectrum.


Playtime in the Periphery: Despite Sizeable Risks, Investors See Intriguing Development and Opportunistic Plays Outside the Core

The economic problem children of peripheral Europe — Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain — are at it again. Many pundits believe that they are causing the single currency experiment to veer seriously off the rails. Given both growth and political uncertainties within these countries, what are we to make of their real estate markets? Are they total non-starters for investors, or are there hidden gems and strategies that investors should consider?


Foreign Investors Active in Poland

Poland’s commercial property market was dominated by foreign investors in Q1 2012, according to Savills, with non-domestic investors accounting for more than 98 percent of transactions in the first quarter.

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