- May 1, 2016; Vol. 3, Number 5

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When Alts Come to a Halt: The obstacles RIAs face when trying to use alternatives, and how new products and services are clearing a path

by Matt Burk

At one point or another, almost all the Small Balance Real Estate (SBRE) entrepreneurs I meet, coach, advise or invest in ask me what I think about raising capital from financial planners, wealth managers or RIAs. They would seem to be a logical, viable and gargantuan source of potential capital for any SBRE entrepreneur running a 506 Regulation D pooled investment fund, or even just doing syndications or one-off real estate deals. There are literally thousands and thousands of these RIAs across the United States with varying numbers of high-net-worth clients and total books of between say $50 million (which would be a rather small RIA) to upwards of billions of dollars.

To add to the allure of this potential capital source, there is clearly a trend in the investment community toward considering alternative investments (Alts), which is truly what an SBRE fund is, as a significant portion of their client’s overall investment allocation. Just do an online search for “percen

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