Research Roundup: May 2023
- May 1, 2023: Vol. 10, Number 5

Research Roundup: May 2023


Innovation NOI reports on How AI is Revolutionizing Property Technology. The article delves into the myriad ways AI-driven proptech is doing everything from predicting market trends to automating tasks. Access the information here.


Hightower Advisors’ chief market strategist Michael Farr discusses A tale of two stock types in a pair of videos. Watch them here.


The latest report from iCapital is titled Untapped Potential: Alternative Investments and the Wealth Management Channel, and writes about how fund managers are looking beyond institutional investors to expand their LP base, but tapping into the wealth management channel requires a strategic approach tailored to financial adviser needs. Read it here.


Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco, has authored a new piece titled, As regulators rally to prevent banking crisis from spreading, what will the Fed do next? Her thoughts on the matter can be read here.


Two executives from Janus Henderson Investors — Greg Wilensky, head of U.S. fixed income, and Michael Keough, portfolio manager — have collaborated on a new piece titled Bank failures in 2023: Fallen rogues or canaries in the coalmine? They discuss the risks recent bank failures pose to markets and how investors might position their portfolios accordingly. Read it here.


Is the window of opportunity closing for bond investors? That is the question posed by a new J.P. Morgan Asset Management report authored by David Lebovitz, the organization’s global market strategist. Lebovitz argues that as the Fed ponders its next step, investors should be mindful that the window of opportunity that has emerged in fixed income may slam shut quickly. Read his complete thoughts on the matter here.


Christopher Sheldon, partner and co-head of credit and markets at KKR, writes that financing was already in short supply when Silicon Valley Bank began to wobble in early March. Now, tremors in the banking sector, resulting most recently in UBS acquiring Credit Suisse, have tightened financial conditions even further. His report, titled The Search for Capital Just Became an All-Out Hunt, can be read here.


LaSalle is out with a new paper titled Revisiting the future of office, that, the firm says, is “an opportunity to look back on our predictions to assess where we got things right, and where we did not.” Download the report here.


How do banks fail? A new report from Mariner Wealth Advisors, titled Past and present U.S. bank failures: A review of the causes, offers an explanation. The article, written by William Greiner, the firm’s chief economist, can be accessed here.


RCLCO has issued a timely new report titled Office to Residential: 6 Myths and Facts Regarding Market Dynamics of Conversions, which offers finding from RCLCO’s market feasibility work on the reuse of office buildings. You can read the firm’s insights on the matter here.


The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College has observed in a new article that work is getting easier for most older workers. Why? Because older workers have found that all kinds of jobs have become less physically strenuous as automation and technology have increased and taken over some physical tasks, one example being robotic factory floors that still require human operators. Read the details here.


CBRE has authored a brief report (including charts and tables) headlined Underwriting Assumptions Stabilizing for Prime Multifamily Assets. Among its observations: “For the first time since the Fed began raising interest rates in early 2022, underwriting assumptions for prime multifamily assets are beginning to stabilize.” Read the full piece here.


The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) explains how net absorption rate measures demand in the senior housing market. Knowing consumer demand in the senior housing market can help investors better understand current market conditions and adjust to changes accordingly, writes the NIC. Read its report here.


Justin Takata, head of investment grade corporate credit for Guggenheim Investments, discusses technical market dynamics, credit fundamentals, and risk and opportunity in a podcast headlined Investment Grade Market Dynamics. Listen here.

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