Research Roundup: January 2023
- January 1, 2023: Vol. 10, Number 1

Research Roundup: January 2023

by Mike Consol

BlackRock Alternatives released 2023 Private Markets Outlook, a report authored by senior investors across private equity, credit, infrastructure and real estate. Download the report here.

The global investment outlook for 2023 from Morgan Stanley says to expect the new year to have upside for bonds, defensive stocks and emerging markets. Read it here.

In its latest white paper about the impact of inflation and rising interest rates on private infrastructure, Ares notes that the fundamental driver the asset class’s resilience during periods of high, unexpected inflation is infrastructure’s ability to increase cash flows as inflation rises. Read the report here.

With the rise of commission-free ETF trading across most major platforms, investors may be wondering how to tally the total cost of owning an ETF. Two major components make up most of the cost of buying, holding and selling an ETF: its expense ratio and the bid-ask spread. Understanding these factors is central to grasping the cost of ownership. Vanguard explains in this article.

Why do the wealthy borrow? Strategic borrowing can keep your financial plan intact and at work. Truths that seem universal often fray at the edges, particularly when talking about money, writes Raymond James. Take, for example, the popular and often helpful advice from writers of bestselling personal finance books. One common tenet is to aggressively pay down debt and then live without it. This is great advice for many, but not everyone. Get the explanation here.

“Alternatives are not just for a good-weather environment,” says Blackstone president Jon Gray. “In fact, if you look over time at our firm, some of the best investments we’ve made have been during times of dislocation.” He expands on the subject during this brief video.

Why do European alternative sectors provide a haven for investors during inflationary times? This report from Heitman offers the rationale here.

For endowments and foundations, an important aspect of fundraising is having a strategy around planned giving. CAPTRUST showcases a few strategies that can help organizations engage donors. Read it here.

The digital revolution is transforming today’s reality. In order to win, businesses across all sectors and models — from market leaders to innovative disruptors — must embrace new technologies, according to Carlyle, in its report titled Winning Through Technology.

The current scale, growth and complexity of private capital is truly unprecedented — and is radically altering the investment opportunities and challenges facing investors, reports PGIM. The organization expands on that thought in its white paper titled The New Dynamics of Private Markets.

Dan Houston, CEO of Principal Financial Group, shares his thoughts on why financial inclusion is foundational to financial security and global economic progress. Click here.

Adding London luxury real estate to your wealth portfolio: Despite ongoing economic turmoil, London’s luxury property sector remains shielded from wider market falls, says this report from J.P. Morgan Private Bank available here.

How are hotels performing in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic? CBRE tackles that topic in its U.S. Hotels State of the Union report.

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