Research Roundup: December 2023
- December 1, 2023: Vol. 10, Number 11

Research Roundup: December 2023


Janus Henderson Investors says there are five reasons to add securitized assets to fixed-income portfolios. Find out why here.


Carlyle’s latest Global Insights report is titled Brave New World: AI and its Downstream Implications. Read it here.


BBR Partners has posed the question “how much growth is too much growth” with regard to high-net-worth family portfolios. The firm has written a paper that seeks to answer that question here.


Principal Real Estate’s latest outlook report, titled Waiting for Godot, after the Samuel Beckett play, in which two characters engage in an endless discussion while awaiting the titular Godot who never arrives. A similar parallel appears to beset global investors waiting for central bankers to signal the end of monetary policy tightening, the organization writes. Find out more here.


Cambridge Associates says smaller companies are in vogue among private equity firms. Find out why here.


CBRE has published its 2023 Global Midyear Hotels Outlook. Read it here.


Paul Wong and Jacob White of Sprott write that evolving solar panel technology is driving a surge in demand for silver, which has unique properties that play a vital role in improving solar cell efficiency and performance. Read their report here.


PwC has published its Global M&A Industry Trends: 2023 Mid-Year Update. Access the document here.


Clarion Partners has tackled the questions revolving around investing in the deglobalization era. Its findings can be accessed here.


What are the top geopolitical risks of 2023? S&P Global identifies eight of them here.


Nuveen has some ideas about how investors should be preparing for the next decade of real estate investments. Its report on the subject can be accessed here.


Goldman Sachs has a new podcast about achieving a “more disciplined IPO market.” How are large investors thinking about equity capital markets and the trajectory for the overall economy? Lizzie Reed, global head of the equity syndicate desk in Goldman Sachs Global Banking & Markets, dives into the findings of the team’s survey. Listen here.


Lazard Asset Management reports that, for many investors, Europe’s stock markets are associated with old-economy, low-growth sectors. But that fails to recognize how considerably the profile of the European market has changed in recent years. Read the firm’s explanation here.


According to Northern Trust, only the fittest will survive the evolving asset management landscape. It partnered with Greenwich Associates to survey 150 global asset managers about their challenges and opportunities within traditional, long-only asset management. The results are here.


The MIT Technology Review podcast reports on the UAE plan to transition to a net-zero future in this episode. The upshot: The United Arab Emirates is leading climate action through investments in advanced technology and partnerships with other nations and private-sector leaders. Listen to the episode here.


What’s next for private lending? KKR offers some ideas in one of its latest investment insights, available here.


What are the blockchain’s applications for the real estate business? Innovative NOI reports that blockchain technology — with inherent attributes of decentralization, transparency and security — presents a new frontier in real estate. Learn more here.


Cohen & Steers reasons that aggregate energy demand will continue to increase in the coming decades, which is creating attractive investment opportunities across both the alternative energy landscape and the traditional energy value chain. It has more to say in a recent paper titled Changing the imperative from ‘energy transition’ to ‘energy addition’. The report is available here.

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