Research Roundup: April 2023
- April 1, 2023: Vol. 10, Number 4

Research Roundup: April 2023


J.P. Morgan Private Bank alerts investors that the future of food is coming fast, and suggests ways clients might profitably invest in innovations that are designed to feed the world. Read its conclusions here.

iCapital has issued a report titled Four Key Questions to Ask Before Making a Hedge Fund Investment, found here.

The International Federation of Robots writes about the Top 5 Robot Trends 2023 here.

Invezz has research The surprising ways in which Web3 is transforming the consumer economy. Learn what they found here.

JLL has been busy calculating the “return on sustainability” and has written a paper titled, How the ‘value of green’ conversation is growing up. Read it here.

Moody’s Analytics’ research suggests that strong retail sales are a double-edged sword for CRE investors. The firm’s conclusions can be read here.

The Northern Trust economics team shares its outlook for key markets in the months ahead in a report named Winter Resilience. Its perspectives on the subject can be read here.

MSCI has a new report titled 2023 Trends to Watch in Real Assets: Five critical insights to help you navigate challenges ahead. It’s available here.

Natixis has issued its 2023 Natixis Global Fund Selector Outlook Survey white paper, which discusses how fund selectors are looking to balance challenging markets and evolving client needs. Access the report here.

Nuveen, in its latest Investment Outlook, analyzes the opportunity that exists in middle-market private equity. Learn more here.

Oliver Wyman invites investors and advisers to hear from climate and sustainability leaders from some of the world’s largest corporations on how they are turning their climate commitments into action. The firm’s Climate Transition Talks report can be read here.

BNY/Pershing has issued a new report titled Technology Strategy: Where Are Clients Heading Next? The organization taps into the minds of leaders from 17 firms, representing various broker/dealer and advisory firms that joined Pershing for its fall technology advisory board meeting, during which members engaged in discussions on five key themes: client experience, integrations, business analytics and insights, technology adoption, and regulatory technology. Download the report here.

PGIM has released a new white paper titled Best Ideas 2023: Looking Beyond Uncertainty. The organization reasons that, with ongoing market volatility a near certainty, it is time to highlight a host of areas where investors can find promising opportunities in 2023. The white paper can be downloaded here.

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth tackles the future of the remote work and how to manage personnel in a “remote first” world. The report is available here.

A new report from Vanguard, titled On its 30th birthday, the ETF looms large, notes that upward upward of $6.5 trillion has been invested in U.S. ETFs. As with so much innovation in history, ETF innovation has manifested in waves, each wave bigger than the last and each preceded by a crisis, Vanguard writes. Learn more here.

Zuum, a logistics company, has drafted a report titled The Benefits of Digitizing Food Logistics and AI power for Shippers. It is available here.

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