- July 1, 2016; Vol. 3, Number 7

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Real Assets Holding Their Own at Midyear: The logic for keeping investor portfolios stocked with tangible assets is still strong

by Benjamin Cole

Real assets had a generally good if sometimes choppy first half of 2016, and they appear poised for a steady second half.

Real estate values have trended moderately north globally, although some sectors are taking a breather in the United States. Oil has recovered from February nadirs and may finish the year on the high side of $50 a barrel.

There is more talk than action on infrastructure spending (think government), but there are certainly bright spots and promise in telecommunications. Meanwhile, commodities are slowly digging out from sector gluts.

And yes, gold had a great first half.

All in all, investors appear well advised to judiciously maintain or possibly increase exposure to real assets.


With global interest rates at historic lows, or even negative in some nations such as Switzerland and Japan, commercial real estate remains an attractive option for yield-hunters who like a measure of se

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