- August 1, 2015: Vol. 2, Number 8

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Lost in Cyberspace: The three biggest social media mistakes advisers make

by Joe Steuter

If you have ever seen the movie Chef, you know how hairy things can get if you try using social media without the proper knowledge. One clip from the movie shows how Jon Favreau’s character replies to a tweet thinking it is private when, in fact, it was sent publicly to his nemesis, a food critic who shared it with thousands of his followers. And, it was his son, of all people, who had to explain what he accidentally did.

The reason I mention this example is because we have seen financial advisers in the same position. Social media is finally catching on with many businesses in our profession, but now we are seeing just how advisers are actually using their presence and, in some cases, it is not always in the best interest of their brand. In consulting hundreds of advisers over the past two years, I have found many of the mistakes often boil down to three areas. So, instead of sharing the same old diluted, basic best practices, the best way to help you leverage soc

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