- May 1, 2015: Vol. 2, Number 5

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Financial Life: If Joe Duran is correct and the wealth advisory business is destined for enormous change, why is he smiling?

by Mike Consol

It is one of the things business executives fear most — disruptive change to their industry. It can reduce a business model to obsolescence, steal market share and evaporate profits.

Think of the bankrupting of Kodak after the advent of digital photography, the decimation of the music industry after MP3s and music-sharing applications came along, or how Microsoft was marginalized when the company moved too slowly into the new frontier of cloud computing.

The wealth advisory business has already seen its share of disruptions, and Joe Duran points to more disruptions to come. The founder and CEO of United Capital sees “massive” changes yet to come, including the widespread use of robo-advisers and the emergence of a cottage industry filled with boutique financial advice practices, triggering a major compression in the pricing for investment-only services.

But he is not fretting. Instead, Duran has set a goal of becoming the first “financial life management

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