- April 1, 2019: Vol. 6, Number 4

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Emerging trends in infrastructure: The advance of data and technology is presenting massive opportunities for infrastructure owners, operators, developers and investors

by Richard Threlfall, Stephen Beatty and Julian Vella

This will be a year of data-driven enlightenment for the infrastructure sector. It is the year where data and analytics matures in the sector; it is the year where evidence-based decision-making starts to become commonplace; it is the year where all organizations begin to uncover new insights that lead to new opportunities and — ultimately — important choices.

Governments and infrastructure authorities are starting to recognize the true value of their data in driving insights, operational performance and broader innovation. This year, we expect to see adoption spread — across sectors, ecosystems and life cycles. There is also an ongoing shift toward more evidence-based planning and prioritization in the infrastructure sector. In fact, some governments are already at the forefront of leveraging new data-driven models to improve the way they plan, deliver and maintain their infrastructure.

This is all good news. With a greater focus on evidence, decision-makers wil

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