- July 1, 2024: Vol. 11, Number 7

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5 Questions: Diagnosing what ails healthcare, and its prime investment opportunities

by Mary Tolan with Mike Consol

The U.S. healthcare business spends nearly twice the average of other market-based democracies, or a whopping 17.8 percent of U.S. GDP. Meanwhile, outcomes are poor. To date, lowering costs and improving outcomes have been sticky and complicated problems.

Among the people seeking to address the healthcare industry’s seemingly intractable issues is Mary Tolan, founder and managing partner of Chicago Pacific Founders.

Give us your prognosis of the healthcare industry. What are its ailments?

The biggest shift occurring in the healthcare industry is from a fee-for-service system that encourages over treatment and higher costs to value-based care, which incentivizes high quality and lower costs. Still, the large health systems in our country are very fee-for-service oriented. Yet, investors now see a path toward applying ingenuity to improving quality and reducing costs. Models, such as value-based care, encourage healthcare providers to focus on h

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