Investors - FEBRUARY 25, 2019

United Capital fortifies its investment management offering with SpiderRock and iCapital strategies

by Andrea Zander

United Capital Financial Advisers has created a sophisticated suite of defensive strategies in the United States.

With newly-added strategies from SpiderRock Advisors, LLC, and iCapital Network, the United Capital Investment Management platform rounds out a formidable suite of protective and tactical strategies offered with competitive fees.

United Capital has invested heavily in its investment management platform to provide exceptional defensive strategies to help safeguard the financial life goals of its clients, as they face the headwinds of market volatility in 2019 and beyond. United Capital’s size and scale allow it to offer a comprehensive, fully-managed index portfolio at a competitive cost. Third-party advisers who use United Capital Investment Management through FinLife Partners are able to access these strategies as well.

To aid advisers in this goal, United Capital has partnered with SpiderRock Advisors and iCapital Network. SpiderRock offers options overlays that have an objective to provide additional income and mitigate investment risk. iCapital Network offers access to alternative investment strategies in a number of different structures to increase diversification and potentially reduce portfolio volatility for experienced, large investors.

SpiderRock’s options strategies, which will be managed by SpiderRock as a sub-adviser for United Capital, attempt to shield clients from market volatility with a suite of customizable strategies as overlays for existing portfolios. These strategies may create a compelling alternative to simply selling stocks or increasing fixed-income exposure to mitigate risk. SpiderRock’s customizable options strategies may also help clients earn additional income on their investments, enable wealth migration for beneficiaries and assist in strategic liquidation to optimize exposure to capital gains taxes.

The United Capital Investment Management platform also supports alternative investment strategies from iCapital, letting advisers offer low or negatively correlated assets that may reduce risk and help enhance total return. iCapital’s proprietary set of private equity, hedge and real estate funds have integrated seamlessly with United Capitals leading technology platform, creating new avenues for diversification.​



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