Survey shows machine value learning delivers real value
Other - OCTOBER 18, 2017

Survey shows machine value learning delivers real value

by Andrea Waitrovich

A survey of 500 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from around the world by ServiceNow finds that machine learning has arrived in the enterprise making material contributions to everyday work. To realize its full value, technology leaders must find skilled talent to work side-by-side with machines in addition to redesign their organizations and processes.

For “The Global CIO Point of View,” ServiceNow surveyed CIOs in 11 countries across 25 industries to uncover the competitive benefits of adopting machine learning and hear how those leaders are driving results. IDC estimates that investment in machine learning will nearly double by 2020,* and recent analysis shows that machine learning specialist are among the fast growing roles in IT.

The survey finds a growing sense of confidence among senior executives that machine learning will lead to faster and more accurate decisions. Machine learning software possesses the ability to analyze and improve upon its own performance without direct human intervention, allowing them to make increasingly complex decisions over time:

  • More than half (52 percent) of respondents say they are advancing beyond the automation of routine tasks, such as security alerts, toward the automation of complex decisions, such as how to respond to alerts.
  • 87 percent said that they would get value from the accuracy of decisions. In fact, 69 percent say decisions made by machine learning will be more accurate than those made by humans.
  • 57 percent said that routine decision making takes up a meaningful amount of employee and executive time, so the potential value of automation is high. CIOs expect this decision automation to contribute to their organization’s top line growth (69 percent).

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