Infrastructure - NOVEMBER 23, 2021

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State and local governments are key partners in the newly enacted U.S. infrastructure law

by Drew Campbell

After decades of trying, legislators in Washington, D.C., have passed legislation for large-scale infrastructure investments, but now that the federal policy is law, attention turns to state and local governments to manage how investments will be made.

“Weʼve seen an influx of cities reaching out for guidance to implement changes across their real estate portfolios,” says Brian Oakley, executive vice president, public infrastructure, at JLL. “The bill includes provisions for local governments to hire experts in areas like charging stations, solar energy and renewable energy. Recognizing the need for charging stations is a great first step. That kind of deployment is a major infrastructure challenge.”

JLL notes in addition to significant capital dedicated to roads, bridges and tunnels, money is also being invested across all types of infrastructure, including:

$47 billion in climate resilience measures to protect buildings from the storms and fires
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