Malls continue to reinvent themselves to be community hubs
Real Estate - SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

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Malls continue to reinvent themselves to be community hubs

by Andrea Zander

Although malls were hit hard during COVID-19, foot traffic data continues to rise as they find ways to reinvent themselves. Malls still serve as indoor community hubs where friends and family can come together for diverse food, shops and entertainment options, according to a report by

Malls are embracing omnichannel shopping, giving people the option to visit a mall both in person and virtually. Customers are kept within one purchasing loop, and shops within the mall itself can enjoy the advantages of omnichannel reach.

In addition, malls are strategically repurposing empty space (e.g., as fitness destinations), which can have a positive impact on shopping behavior. This helps draw in new clientele to existing malls. Filling the new repurposed space with unusual tenants can help also bring shoppers to a location they may not have visited, provide an incentive for shoppers to consolidate trips, and fill a community gap. For example, 99 Ranch Market, one of the

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