Other - SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

Larry Roth launches RLR Strategic Partners

by Released

Larry Roth has launched RLR Strategic Partners.

RLR works in close collaboration with the executive leadership teams, boards of directors and advisory boards of wealth management businesses across the country in setting growth goals, and then developing and implementing high-impact strategies to reach those goals.  As part of its strategy offerings, RLR provides governance expertise to publicly-traded and closely-held firms seeking to build out or otherwise enhance their boards of directors.

RLR also announced that it will deliver mergers & acquisitions advisory solutions that seamlessly integrate with the growth strategies developed by the firm for its clients through a newly-formed strategic alliance with Berkshire Global Advisors, a boutique middle market investment bank with a longstanding leadership position in the financial services industry.

“The work that we are doing at RLR is ultimately all geared towards helping the wealth management space create significant new value by serving the crucial role it is meant to play in our society,” said Larry Roth, managing partner of RLR Strategic Partners. “At its best, the wealth management industry connects Main Street and Wall Street, supports the achievement of long-term financial goals for people across the net worth spectrum, and drives better life outcomes for both the well-to-do, as well as those with more modest means.”

Central to RLR’s approach is a focus on enhancing or building business models that prioritize strategies and technologies that connect firms, professionals and consumers in innovative ways, while shedding costly and inefficient legacy operations and financial structures that no longer add value. The firm’s clients encompass RIAs, hybrid RIA and RIA aggregators, private equity firms active in the wealth management space, asset managers and fin tech companies, from venture-backed start-ups to more established enterprises.

Prior to establishing RLR Strategic Partners, Roth served as CEO of AIG Advisor Group, as well as CEO of Cetera Financial Group.


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