J.P. Morgan Private Bank releases 2024 Mid-Year Outlook
Research - JUNE 10, 2024

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J.P. Morgan Private Bank releases 2024 Mid-Year Outlook

by Released

J.P. Morgan Private Bank has released its 2024 Mid-Year Outlook, A Strong Economy in a Fragile World, which defines the most important considerations for investors amid this complex environment.

“Despite global inflation not falling as quickly as forecasters may have hoped, the global economy looks remarkably strong, defying the pressure of higher interest rates,” said Grace Peters, global head of investment strategy at J.P. Morgan Private Bank.

“However, we note that the world is at a delicate juncture. On the one hand, higher growth, higher bond yields and higher equity valuations. On the other hand, higher inflation, higher geopolitical risks and potentially higher taxes.

“Despite these challenges, we think positive forces can power markets forward in 2024. The global equity rally can broaden beyond the United States and mega-market cap stocks.”

The economy is stronger than you

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