I Squared Capital announces growth capital investment in RPower
Investors - APRIL 27, 2023

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I Squared Capital announces growth capital investment in RPower

by Kali Persall

I Squared Capital has completed a growth capital investment in RPower, a distributed energy resource platform headquartered in Texas.

Founded in 2021, RPower focuses on behind-the-meter microgrid resiliency solutions that provide commercial and industrial customers, as well as other critical community infrastructure customers, with power during grid outages that have become more frequent. I Squared said RPower’s dispatchable energy solutions can provide the reliability necessary to support the continued integration of renewable resources and facilitate the transition to a more sustainable future.

“The need for onsite resilient generation has become more important over the past decade,” said Jamie Smith, COO of RPower. “Behind-the-meter distributed energy resources, such as back-up generators, energy storage and other technologies, play a critical role in not only providing power when needed to customers, but also improving the reliability of the electric grid w

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