How affluent investors think about adviser affiliation
Research - APRIL 12, 2024

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How affluent investors think about adviser affiliation

by Lewis Dayton

Affiliation with “a large, national organization” is favored among affluent investors currently working with an advisor (39%) and those unadvised (32%), according to a new Cerulli Associates report, titled, Adviser affiliation matters to affluent investors. In both groups, this option is more heavily favored by wealthier respondents, who also tend to skew older, reflecting a greater comfort level with established brands.

Meanwhile, 28 percent of respondents report having no strong preference for the type of firm with which their advisor is affiliated. These respondents underscore the potential impact of brand-level marketing to elevate a firm’s perceived capabilities and trustworthiness among undecided prospective clients.

Advisors who own and operate their own locally based practices score similarly (18 percent to 19 percent) among both groups, with notable weakness among less wealthy investors who currently work with advisors, reflecting the challenge

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